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Pat Wright Photography

Pat Wright Photography

About Me

I have been a people person since birth. After growing up in a family of eight, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (2009) where I broadened my understanding of how the world works through studying History, Spanish, and Russian. However, in the years following college it became apparent that helping others, not just studying them, was my life calling.

My massage therapy education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (2016) confirmed my belief that empowering others to help themselves holds the potential for the most sustainable health changes. As a MaMassage, prenatal-certified practitioner, it is my honor to walk with women through the entire perinatal process. I also enjoy working with athletes, as I draw from tools I learned through my internship at the Joffrey Ballet School. Hand-picking specific techniques for each session, I am constantly educating clients on modalities such as Shiatsu and Abhyanga.

When not working with clients, I create and pursue fine art, practice barre3, read, and I can often be found preparing a dinner party for friends or strangers. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and best friend, Michael.

Enjoy your massage! 

Sarah Maag, B.A., LMT (NYS # 029727 )


We believe that optimal personal wellness is unique to each individual. The health goals that each of us pursue can only exist in a state of dynamic balance--homeostasis. Sarah Maag Massage Therapy desires to be one branch of your health and wellness tree, working with the soft tissues of your body to help you identify areas of tension, weakness, deficiency, and excess.

We are aware of the multitude of massage therapists in New York City working to relax and de-stress the “city that never sleeps.” The more the merrier! Our chief goal is not to treat the whole city, but instead to provide specialized care to those who are looking for a more cohesive self-care routine and are interested in playing an active role in their health journey.

Photo by Time Peace

Photo by Time Peace